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Junky To Funky

Heroes are made for adversity!

During an East Texas thunderstorm, far above the Earth, a top secret enemy satellite was being tested. The scientist threw the switches and sent powerful energies skyward, collecting in the absorption dish to be amplified and returned into stormfronts to increase devestation and create chaos.
As the satellite reached max output, its course took it into an unseen cosmic storm which was also absorbed and mixed with the powerful energies before it was released striking the huge storm.
Our hero was trying to make it home from his best friends home when the electric storm let out its altered energies with chain lightning, thunder and tesla-like em pulses. His car died and all the electricity in the county winked off. He watched the storm build and begin pouring rain by the bucketfull. He made a decision he would be able to walk the four miles to his house and that it might be better than staying stalled by the country railroad tracks. Holding his umbrella , gritting his teeth he began a halfhearted jog down the old tracks. He made it about 150 yds when he saw the purple lightning flash. He was standing on the metal tracks when it hit them, entering is body and absorbing into his cells, then throwing him 100 ft into the pines nearby. When He awoke, It was like becoming a new person, everything was different. His senses, his physical stamina, agilty , endurance, prowess and strength were multiplied to Incredible levels(8-15X). He could run, leap, climb and swim like a warp-speed gorilla! He found he could breath water, control weather and was almost invulnerable to many natural energies. His body healed quickly too and was more dense, giving him armorlike protection against impacts, falls, projectiles and blows from weapons. Strange thing is he lost his memory from before that storm. Now he wanders as a pariah, a nomadic hero lending a hand wherever it is needed.


As many of you now know, My best friend James/Maggot has left our city and now watches from above. I wish us all to show respect on this site by wearing black or white and removing all hats.

James was and still is one of the most faithful friends I've had. We met a long time ago, back in elementary school(1976 on the playground), were in band together in jr. high both playing trombone, and became good friends in highschool. We both joined the ministry together around 1993, although he had been licensed previously way back in the 1980's! It was his dearest desire to preach the gospel of our LORD Jesus, The Messiah(Christ) to thousands and even millions if via satallite some day. His calling is Evangelist-one who not only prepares home churches to train others in ministry, but also goes out preaching in revivals/ many different locations to encourage, extol and prepare people in this life. Anyone who knew him understood he was very realistic yet believing things must be understood or sometimes just accepted in faith(trust in God's goodness/plan).
He never went around with his head in the clouds prefering to meet life head on, with his rocksolid yet sanguine attitude. He loved to be in the center of things and he has been a leader on many websites-urbaniacs, utopia,fallen sword to name a few. He was a roleplayer like myself and others of our group back in the "Old days"-par excellance"(Until we gave up those rpg games to focus on more important relationships and work) He loved Halflings/hobbits and his favorite was Tarus Redwing a tallfellow rogue who travelled making maps and working as a cobbler with Meagan the wood elf archer. Some of those stories appear in "The lands of Barrondale". He got me hooked on IHOP and loved corned beef hash with medium easy-over eggs. I could always leave my yogurt in his fridge too, cause he wouldn't touch the stuff) ..and he could leave his steamed shrimp or mushrooms in my fridge cause I wouldn't touch that . ha. He loved to eat but had such a wonderfully high metabolism that he found it hard to gain weight. "Now thats a mixed blessing". His passion was singing and sermon preparation and because he has a good wife in Pam, she helped him fulfill many of those desires. He also loved a good sci-fi movie especially a superhero flick, and it was a real joint idea to start the "Misfits Chronicles". He also helped write our first story "Into the wasteland" a post apocolyptic story. He always wanted everyone to not only enjoy the website but get involved and we both worked to encourage that because it was our community. He wanted to bring out the best in people. I feel with certainty he will be there to welcome each of us believers when we pass over to God's Heaven too! He will be missed and remembered well.Tempest

Department of Hero Affairs

Welcome to the office of Tempest, newly elected council representative for urbaniac heroes!

Being a funloving and playful sort I just wanted to offer my service and time to the betterment of the site. I want you to know it will take a lot of help by all of our heroes to get some of the things done. We want our heroes to be active in the forums, battles, contests and in the planning out of future events, games and articles for the chronicles. If you have a good idea, a comment or just want to come by and chat, I welcome it. (I don't like drama unless it is in a good story so leave that at home,ok?)

Remember YOU can make a difference! WE can work together and make this place one of the best sites around! Tempest

Listen up!

Hey guys and gals, I do often have give-aways for the new folks and love making urbaniacs one of the grooviest places on the net. If you are new and not a multiaccounter, then contact me for a gift. This does not mean that you hold my pursestrings! If I take notice of you, then you won't even have to ask. If you take unfair advantage, let's just say, you will be most uncool in my book.


If you are one of those rare, helpers, you may donate to my give aways. If you are helped by myself or others, remember to share with new folks after you have gotten your own character going! Do not gram me with "Do you want to buy my stuff unless it is a tp for 100k or less or a cash item for my trades or a reasonable amount of urbos.

That all being said, I am a nice guy, but I hate foolishness and dontdoit!

If I tried to make a favorite folks page it would be 5000 urbs long.