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Junky To Funky

Welcome to Urbanvillian!

I really missed all my favorite urbs. Hopefully I'll be back on more often like I used to be. If I owe you props, please be patient. Long breaks mean a LOT of catching up to do!


Family first and that includes my fellow Systers. No one comes before them.


That's right folks! I have finally joined the ranks of the villains. There are many who thought it would never happen... but they thought wrong!


If you're new feel free to message me with any questions you might have. I may be *evil* but I'm always willing to help out newcomers... unless you're a beggar. Beggars and fools will be dissed.

See you around!
*evil grin*


THROWDOWNS- I like throwdowns depending on my mood. If you want me to come send me an urbogram first. If you are below my base stats (between 800-900) then I won't be coming. I don't find unfair fights any fun at all.

ASSAULTS- I am always ready to join an assault so if you need help send me an invite! If it is a Sparky (or any combination of Sparky and Kelvin)please make sure you invite the strongest people you see online. You're going to need it!

If I'm not there right away it's probably because I'm off helping someone else. If I send a prop your way that means I saw the invite and I'll be there as soon as I can.

The Dirt...

Superdirty- does it mean she has a bad case of the uber-stank or is she completely non-PC? Neither. Superdirty is a passionate believer in right or wrong. However, she has lost faith in the heroes and vigilantes of the world and decided to take matters into her own hands by joining the Family.

While she always strives to be ethical, SuperD is not naive. (Yes, villains do have a moral code!) She knows that sometimes the need exists to fight "dirty." In SuperD's mind it's okay to cheat if it's for the greater good. She'll do whatever it takes. She also realizes that the good guys aren't always as good as they appear and who better than a villain to teach them a lesson. After all, who's "good" and "evil" is only a matter of perception at that exact moment in time.

MY THEME SONG- Check it out on my myspace page...



(TP's also accepted for trades. If you're looking to sell TP's I'll buy them for 125k for each +5)

Crew Grape (F)
Funk's Price- 65,508.00 Urbos
My price- 30,000

Martian Fuzz Shawl (3)
Funk's Price- 2,700.00 Urbos
My price- 1,200

Mega Chaps (2)
Funk's Price- 2,949.00 Urbos
My price- 1,500

Urb University Shirt (2)
Funk's Price- 17,440.00 Urbos
My price- 12,000

Bad Man Bandana (2)
Funk's Price- 1,685.00 Urbos
My price- 800.00

Titanium Silk Cape (2)
Funk's Price- 4,131.00 Urbos
My price- 3,000

ShwaaHoos Sparkle
Funk's Price- 68,016.00 Urbos
My price- 60,000

Health Elixir- OTUS (5)
OTUS Price- 3.00 Urbos
My price- 2.00 urbos

Star Boots
Funk's Price- 47,320 Urbos
My price- 40,000

Knight Gauntlets (F)
Funk's Price- 16,351 Urbos
My price- 12,000

PLEASE do not bid lower than my asking price without contacting me first. If you haven't contacted me and you underbid, the dissing will commence :)

All dispos are welcome to bid on my trades but first dibs go to any LoS, LoD and Family members. I may even cut a deal if you're active enough... call it my villainous discount!

Must Read!!

gotcha ;)

I bet you were expecting something important to be written here. Well surprise, surprise, surprise... I just wasted 3 seconds of your life and you will never get it back!


Wasn't that just EVIL >:)