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Junky To Funky


Member of The Black Suit Squadron


i only accept urbos and tp's for my trades.

if I want something, you'll know...don't ask if I want your stuff.

Arch Enemy list - if you're on it, you deserve to be there.


crimson bullet for my 1545th prop.
king for my 1601st prop.
juicyfruit for my 1707th prop.
cangurina for my 1748th prop.
redgoddess for my 1854th prop.
s13silvia231 for my 1923rd prop.
wolfkinght for my 2010th prop.
obsidian_death for my 2059th prop.
wreck1990 for my 2198th prop.
golden_girl for my 2283rd prop.
dark_phoenix7 for my 2417th prop.
dryen for my 2701st prop.
groinstomp for my 2830th prop.
232_alh for my 2856th prop.
indigo_child for my 2872nd prop.
miss_tipp for my 2883rd prop.
The_Blazing_Flame for my 2917th prop.
g_kapitan for my 2977th prop.
sydneyalice for my 2983rd prop.
zeebert for my 3053rd prop.
catcougar for my 3100th prop.
True_Villainy for my 3161st prop.
ripa for my 3340th prop.
true_nightmare for my 3417th prop.
__kingz__ for my 3587th prop.
MrAnderson for my 3602nd prop.
VampireGoddessLilith for my 3675th prop.
Isomaniac for my 3998th prop.
Afro_Samurai for my 5000th prop.
RIPA for my 6000th prop
neck69 for my 8000th prop
RIPA for my 10000th prop
tailwind for my 15000th prop
NightBane for my 16000th prop