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Junky To Funky

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Be very careful with whom you diss. Mine like to come back at ya with multiple numbers.

Urb on and keep it funky!

Things that people say and make me laugh.

(when my daughter first started playing urbs.)
Hey mom! Help me I'm being assassinated.

This will be dedicated to the newbies.

Since your all new to the site
We don't wanna give you a fright.
Most of what you see in the forums
Is just other urbs showing how to post
we like to talk smack, its just for us
no one means to scare you the most

Just have fun take nothing to heart
you can have fun and that's where to start.

My number one thing is watching out for newbies. Pick on them and you will see a message from me. If you reply to my message and act, well, STUPID I guess you need a lesson taught to you. :)

Be helpful

There are many ways to help keep urbs funky.
1. Help make newbies feel welcomed. Remember what it was like when you first started?

2. Keep posts in the forum topic related.

3. If you have a problem with a player try to fix it by messages. If that doesn't work get someone who is able to give opinions that are not biased to help.

4. Be polite when in assaults and throw downs. Keep personal differences away from these.

I value the time I get on urbs. There are many assault invites that I get. Please wait, I'll be polite and send you a message letting you know I'll be there.

If you get impatient when I invite you to a battle and tell me to start: you are liable to get a big diss in your in box.



I'm always willing to add homies to my list. The problem is, if your not on or active enough; I won't send you an invite. If I see your on and trying your best I'll invite you. Who knows, you might even get some unexpected help.