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Junky To Funky

Once Upon A Dark Era

Once upon a dark era, there was a mighty battle which raged for many days. On one side, there was the powerful demon Preacher Gary; who led his assault with words of stupidity and closed-mindedness. On the other side, were the students and staff of UNC Charlotte. Although the students out numbered Preacher Gary, and fought valiantly and with logic on their side, they could not subdue the creature. They were in a losing battle when the tides turned. The long awaited vigilante, Shintarie, arrived with the intent of bringing the demon to ruin once and for all. His weapons of choice were his amp, and the electric guitar known only as Susan. As Preacher Gary's voice began to be drowned out, his power faltered, but still the creature would not go down. It was then that Shintarie revealed his true power, the ability to remove articles of clothing through musical sound waves alone! He began slowly, and soon had Two females daning in their bras. The creature, seeing that he was about to lose, fell into a swift retreat. All had thought the battle won and proceded to celebrate the power of Shintarie... however the battle was not over yet. The next day, the creature returned with minions from his forsaken realm. With them, he began to rage again! Learning of this, Shintarie was furious and began preparations for battle. This time, with his ally and close friend, Mitsuhide, he sought out and confronted the beast for the final showdown. While the battle raged, the two sides flung words and music with practiced ease, this had become and even confrontation. Shintarie and Mitsuhide, with their combined intellec, decided to recruit from the natives for reinforcements. While these fellows played, Shintarie rested and Gathered his strength for one final strike. He then retrieved Susan, and unleashed his power to the fullest... Countless individuals began striping; men as well as women. Appalled by this and broken, Preacher Gary fled with the only cry being, "Have you no SHAME!" The reply for which was none other than a resounding cry from the masses, "NO!!!" -- Although Preacher Gary's current location is unknown, the united forces of the SHINTARIE stand ready to combat the beast should he return.

Based on a true story

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