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This weeks Top Ten

Top Ten ways to know you are absolutely addicted to Urbaniacs:

10: You are uber-cautious in the bad parts of town because a sludge could be around any corner!

9: Whenever signing on to another site, your hands automotically type in your Urb Alter-Ego and password out of habit.

8: When someone asks you for a price, you accidentally say "Urbos" instead of "dollars".

7: When shopping for clothes you find yourself wondering if it will equip to your body-type or not.

6: The worst name calling you use is "vermin" or "zero".

5: By now, you KNOW that a beatnik is most definitely NOT a hippie!

4: You find it appalling that your friends don't know who GoatFist and Mayor DaMan are.

3: You are constantly signing papers with your alter ego.

2: The highlight of your weekend is the release of this weeks Chronicles

And the number one way you can tell your addicted to Urbaniacs issssss:

You can never end a conversation with someone without telling them "Urb On!"

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