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Junky To Funky

Enter the Urb

please check my TP's page for updates.

IMPORTANT!!!: Please check my new "Why I dissed you" page. I WILL auto-diss you if you violate any of them.

Don't be fooled by my quiet exterior. Though I may not reply too often, I always give my props to those who help me out. If my urb looks really cool and dark, then you invite me to an assault... give me a minute to fit into my "functional" suit.XD

I shifted to being a beatnik since I don't think villainy really is my thing.

Props to DudeMan for showing me the ropes and giving me my most prized possession.

oh, and for the last time... MY JEALOUSABER IS NOT FOR SALE!!!

Seiji Rae

Urb Goal:One Trippin Cyber Ninja
Wish List (Next Item):New Pants
I rock Urbaniacs from:RP
Became Urb of the Day:03/27/09

TP List

I'll post all TP's on sale here

Why I Dissed You

ok, this special section is finally up coz I've had it up THIS much with annoyance.

1. gram me asking if I have tp's in my trades. IT'S ON MY LIST IF IT IS!!! THAT'S WHY I PUT IT THERE!!!

2. gram me if I want to buy something from you. if I wanted to buy something, then I'll go look for it

3. ASK IF MY JEALOUSABER IS FOR SALE!!! I can't stress this enough...

4. ask how much I'm selling anything I'm equipped with. the reason I have it equipped is coz I like it. in other words, I'm not selling it.

5. keep on asking me to accept a bid you gave. I WILL accept it when I have the time. no need to SPAM me.