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Junky To Funky


now i am buying a lot of stuff so if you want to sell me eaither just gram me

i m buying cape-a-lishious
plz gram if selling

i sell all my tps:
defence- 400k

and no. i do not buy tps

and i also always return props when possible

i always accept battles no matter how hard they are. plz invite me to all ur battles

if u wana buy my sidekick it's 2 mil cuz its rly rare it dosent matter if it has crap stats, its still rare and good

Achievements: urb of the day, wednesday, august 11, 2010 2.5 years for the first time


my top 5 homeys

1.kinq,Groinstomp and G_kapitan
5.other ones in my homeys list

am i good

am i pretty good in urbaniacs

thanks to

A special thanks to kinq for my 500th prop
and sepcial thanks to G_kapitan for my 600th prop
again special thanks to G_kapitan for my 700th prop

again special thanks to kinq for my 800th prop

a special thanks to sabuwk and kaniswind for my 900th prop

wow again specil thanks to kaniswind to my 1000th prop tje big 1k thanks again

made me a big dog thanks 2 kaniswind for my 5000th prop