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Junky To Funky


MARRY SUPERDIRTY and make lil evil Urb's
he he he

Beat a hechling: yep
Beat a char: yep
Beat a sluge:not yet(they still around?)
Beat jenny law: yep
Beat johnny law: yep
Beat johhny and jenny law: yep
Beat sparky/kelvin: nope
Win the lottery: not yet
Urb of the day: Nov 24 2007
Get 10,000 props: not yet

I DO the prop cycle thing, so prop me and i'll prop ya back.

sorry i been gone for awhile i'm in the navy and was gone for awhile but i'm back now


My Battle Cry is:ARRRRRRRRR!!!
My Idol is:?? still looking ??
My favorite sport is:Football (US) Giants baby
My favorite game is:Urbaniacs
My arch enemy is:A few meat heads
I rock Urbaniacs from:Spain.but i'm American
I eat pizza:by folding it
GO NAVY!!!!!!:i'm in the Navy