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Junky To Funky

Kramer's space

I have been here for 2 years now
Here is a list of accomplishments

1. Won the lottery 4 times

2. Urbaniac of the day

3. Had a record high of 82 000 000 urbos

4. Have a 80 230 high score from roof ruckus

5. Won a +15 health tp

6. Hit a 5 in every category in one
training session

7. Hit 10 000 props


You must be here for at least 200 days to be my homey so don't ask or send homey Requests I will not accept it.

Stuff about me you should know....

The best kind of pickle is:Dill
My favorite action movie is:Spiderman.
The greatest battle of all time is:Toronto Maple Leafs Vs. Ottawa Senators
I eat pizza:with a knife and fork... duh!
My favorite game is:Urbaniacs
My arch enemy is:Tin_Man67.
I love to smell:coffee.
My Idol is:Jessica Alba
I rock Urbaniacs from:Canada.
My Favorite sport is:Hockey
My Favorite hobbie is:Fishing
My favorite coffee shop is:Tim Hortons
The worst smell of all time is:Garbage thats been left out on a hot summer day.
My favorite car:Hummer H1
The best fast food:Harveys
The worst pizza of all time:Pizza Pizza
What I hate most about work:Overtime

Survey 2

Do you like the show Prison Break?