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Junky To Funky


Are you new to Urbanville?
Do you need urboz or tips on how to get stronger faster?

Would you like a big Bro or big Sis to help you out as you find your way through Urbanville?

Well, If your a Vigilante your in luck!

click on FORUMS
then click on VIGILANTE CADETS

Once there say you want to join & some of the coolest Urbaniacs around will help you find your way in Urbanville.

If you're a hero follow the Mayor & his plan to defeat Goatfist.
If you're a villain follow Goatfist & his plan to overthrow the Mayor...

But if you're a VIGILANTE join a brotherhood of Urbaniacs with equal rank who follow no one.

Together we work to unite all TRUE Vigilantes. The day will soon come when we're more powerful than both the heroes and villains put together!

The Vigilante Revoloution has begun,
join now and be a part of it.

*****Vigilante Pride*****


Bunny Slippers
Vigilante Shield
The Glow
Sameria pants
Onyx pecs
Gold outfit
Might *tp*