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Junky To Funky


I am unofficially back Urbanville...with that being said I would like to address some items. It might help that you read this before you send me an email.

1.) If you are trying to sell something...and want to beg me to buy it, just DONT...enough said on to the next item.
2.) If you are tying to buy something that I currently own...and want to beg me to sell it, just DONT...enough said on to the next item.
3.) If you are new and want lots of props...dont beg me for them...give them and I will reciprocate ;) (I will look to see that you are new and prop you up on my own good will.... regardless of disposition....
4.) If you are new and need help just ask me, but FIRST please do navigate this AMAZING site and you will find MOST TIMES that there is already an answer to every question you would like to ask.
5.) DO NOT JUST DISS JUST TO DO IT...JUST DONT...Now for those of you that do not know me please understand that I diss first and ask questions later. I will diss you numerous times for each just.... DONT...enough said for now....

URB ON!!!!!!