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Junky To Funky

K everybody me and descend are making a series of cards that are called random box cards and so far we have made kind of a stater website so that you can know what it is and how to give us ideas. Right now we don't have anycards done but if you want some of your ideas to be our cards just go to the website to get the email address or just email us at we will be glad to consider your ideas and URB ON!!!


There once was a boy named rammy. But he didnt like his name. So one day he went out searching for a different name. As he walked down the street he saw a little store selling lemons. He then concluded that lemon would be his name. The next day he went to school and told everyone his name was lemon. They all laughed at him and burried him in the sand box. The next day lemon was gone. Never to be seen again.

Who I am

Well... im josh adams, i rock urbanatics from sandy, utah im 14 and yeah thats pretty much it...

My Trades

Currently i am trading training passes, 100,000 urbos for a +5anything and 200,000 urbos for a +10anything so don't bid any lower cause im not going to accept and if anybody has an urborang they are willing to sell me i will pay alot for it...