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Junky To Funky

About me

I would like to say a few things about me: I would always prop you back. Maybe, I might be a little late to prop you, but still. So if you want a few props then prop me and I'll prop you back. I think urbaniacs is a fun place to play. Don't forget to check out my crib and rides. Oh and also, don't forget to check out my urbo pod and the music and trades I have for sale. Oh, and my sister is named galgi. And another thing, I'm the host of a fun show called the food show. It's in the Forums under "hosted talk shows". Don't forget to check it out!

I won the lottery twice. One time I won on Jan.14.2009 and got alot of urbos. And another time, I won a side kick worm, but I forgot the date. It was a really really really long time ago. I never been urb of the day, though.


Thank you galgi for my 200th prop!
Thank you urb_god for my 300th prop!
Thank you The_Crimson_Bullet for my 400th prop!
Thank you Afro_Samurai for my 500th prop!
Thank you King_Fluffs for my 600th prop!
Thank you roofus for my 700th prop!
Thank you RedFlame for my 800th prop!
( If you give me my 900th prop then your name would be here.)

greendogsoup's past

Hello fellas,
this is my story of how I came to urbanville.

When I was just a baby, I lived in planet called green world. Everything was beautiful and green. It was very peaceful until goat fist came. He was in his space ship with a couple more henchlings. Then, he blasted a ray at my planet. All the people there panicked and were really frightened. Then my parents came. They were very worried and then my dad lifted me up and put me inside a cannon. "We have to save our little baby son." he said. My mom nodded as they both shot me up in to space. "Good bye son." my dad said. My parents waved good bye. When I was safely in space, I watched my planet crumble into pieces. Then I landed into earth. I lived all by my own in the though streets of urbanville. By the years, I became strong, fast and smart. I didn't remember all that, of course, since I was just a baby. But one day, I had dream about my past. Since then, I became arch enemies with goatfist and I fought all my might with villains for my revenge and nothing can stop me!