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Junky To Funky


My favorite song (at the moment) is:Real Big Fish-Beer Song By Reel Big Fish
My favorite activity is:Chillin
I can sing, play guitar, and dance:all extremely well
My favorite movie is:Strangers with Candy
My character's theme song is:Too Legit to Quit by MC Hammer
I live in:Maryland
I don't have a favorite:band or music genre
I excel in:Academics, Sports, and Music
Everyone in my grade knows my name:whether they love it or hate it
I have:4 cats, 1 dog, and a fish
I love:staying up late
I love:rock and roll; put another dime in the juke box baby
My shadow's:the only one that walks beside me
I fell into:a burning ring of fire
I wanna:Rock!
Don't Tread:On Me
You Shook Me:All Night Long
I've seen:better days
Judas:is risiiiiing!!!
Suga we're goin' down:swingin'!
He's goin':the distance!
Amber:is the color of your energy
On an Island in the sun:we'll be playin' and havin' fun
Off the Florida Keys:There's a place called Kokomo
I feel home:when I'm chillin' outside with the people I know
I see a:Little silhouetto of a man
If u feelin' like a pimp n***a:go'n' brush ya shouldas off
She's a:Super Freak!
I don't wanna:waste my time; become another casualty of society
There stood an old cabin made of earth and wood:where lived a county boy name-a Johnny B. Goode
I'm not alone:'cause the tv's on yeah...
Stop, turn:take a look around
When I'm a walkin':I stuff my stuff and I'm so strung out
I was crying:on a Saturday night
I think I'll:have myself a beer
Can you hear:the Joker flying over?
I can't get no:satisfaction
It's:Peanut Butter Jelly Time!
This love:has taken its toll on me
Sugar, oh honey, honey!:you are my candy girl!
Lord, I was:Born a ramblin' man!
Back off I'll take you on:Headstrong to take on anyone
Am I more:than you bargained for yet?
Tonto:Jump on it!


Ha ha u fell for it!

U thought this was blank!!!


Mike was playing a concert with his band on a cloudy night. He was shredding so well, the fretboard of his fender literally bent out of shape!

A few miles away, a nuclear power plant was releasing nuclear waste. As it happens, the liquidy substance evaporated into the air and up to the sky.

During the concert, bright green streaks of lightning flashed down on the crowd as they fled from the syrupy downfall of the nuclear waste mixed with acid rain.

Mike was so amped that he stayed and continued to shred. He then said, "I won't stop till my fingers fall off!"

As the band's van drove off an enormous bolt of green lightning struck Mike, splintered his fender, and he layed on the ground, unconsious, and smoking.

When Mike woke up,he was still on the stage. He looked around and found his guitar. When he saw it was splintered, he became enraged and tossed it far across the out door stadium.

Since then, he changed his name to Fender_Bender, and found his poweres to be: Trigger Thumb, Super Duper Might, Boogie Finger, Evil Eye, Warp Drive, and Ice Scream.

Fender had been using his powers in Urbanville, fighting henchlings, chars, sludges, and the crimewaves of GoatFist, and assisting the Citizens Brigade!


What nickname should Goatfist be best reffered to as by the heroes?