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Junky To Funky


I am no longer buying might TP's. I have exhausted 30 million urbos and I would like to thank everyone who sold them to me!

My scores are being worked on to be restored. I will be back!

I am not selling any parts or gear, so please do not ask to buy or trade for them. You may get dissed if you do so.
The only things I sell will be in my trades. Do not ask for stats. Everybody gets one warning.

Trivial Poupsuit

My favorite funky power is:Evil Eye
My Battle Cry is:Get the URB outta my way!
I rock Urbaniacs from:The U.S. of A.
My Alpaca is:Absolutely Useless


Thanks to:
Wicka Witch for my 1,000th Prop
Green_Goober05/gusgus40/Bloody_war48/ToeJamSlam for my 5,000th Prop

Wall of Heroes June 08 Mojo 4th Place
Wall of Heroes Jan. 09 Defense 1st Place
Wall of Heroes June 09 Might 3rd Place
Wall of Heroes Oct. 09 Might 1st place

Urbaniac of the Day
St. Patrick's Day 2009

Placed 9th Overall for August 2009 Urbowars

Urbanville Lottery! 08/11/08
162057 Urbos

Urbanville Lottery! 09/21/08
Might +10 Training Pass

Member of the Vigilante Brotherhood