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Junky To Funky


You earn my respect here and I will help you any way I can, from giving you/reserving TP' s for you, to helping you get Items and other stuff you want


Stuff bout me.

I eat pizza:Like a Boss.
I love to smell: the roses.
I rock Urbaniacs from: The Future.
My arch enemy is: A fluffy kitten.
My Battle Cry is: Heroes bring the funk!
My favorite action movie is: Star Wars.
My favorite food is: Pizza.
My favorite funky power is: Winning Smile.
My favorite game is: Chess
My favorite sport is: Soccer/Futball
My Idol is:Old time Urbs.
My music style ranges from: Old school to hard core rap.
The best kind of pickle is: A troubled spot
The greatest battle of all time is: Anakin Vs. Obi Wan
The greatest battle of all time is: DaMan Vs. GoatFist