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Junky To Funky

The Man

Sup Urbs, I'm just chillin like a villain. Back for a little, checking up on you guys.(;

Things are really kickin in life so i won't be on often. Sorry!

The Urb

Sup All you funky urbs out there here are my close homeys!

1.G-kapitan(best friend,awesome urb,DAMAN!)
2.Zoomer_McTraveler(Best urb,good friend, Strongest Dude in Urbaniacs)
3.MrParty(Best Buddy,Great urb, best 5000th prop-er)
4.BroncoDbTj(another good friend)
5.Captian_Underoos(3rd nicest urb here!)
6.Dersarend(1#kickin butt urb& good friend)
7.Dranimal7(2#kickin butt urb& close friend)
8.JuicyFruit(Great friend and best Ice cream Stealer)
9.GroinStomp(best groin stomper and great friend)
10.Henchling_Kelvin(Koolest hechling and great friend)

I still have about 500more friends i want to put on this list.

The Legend

Highest hit?:2374 on a henchie
Favorite Food:Papa John's Pizza(Better Ingrediants better pizza Papa John's)
Favorite thing to do:Basketball, Football, MMA, Soccer
favorite drink:COFFEE
favorite sport:MMA
Favorite movies:I DUNNO THERE IS SO MANY!!!!
favorite animal:Zoomer_Mctraveller cause he's beast!
favorite kind of dog:all of them!
favorite kind of butt:who do u think?!?!?
1000th prop:DARK_PHOENIX7
4000th prop:Kaniswind
5000th prop:MR.PARTY
Most urbos had:381,963,552

Save it....

Save the asking for things for the swap meet. Do I look like a walmart? NOPE

If anyone asks me for an item that I don't have for sale, either diss or warning. I don't diss friends though. :)