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Junky To Funky


my birthday is on halloween!!!

If disposition is not Villain its cause of the battles...

if u have ps3 add me my addy is nuttybuckethead

My cousin on this is Xx__HaMo__xX

Thx to neck69 for my 1st prop

Thx to neck69 (again) for my 100 prop

Thx to Xx__HaMo__xX for my 500 prop

Thx to kill_u for my 1000 prop

Thx to kampo for my 1500 prop

Thx to Osmeliio for my 2000 prop

Thx to Magic_Shodow for my 2500 prop

Thx to ThunderBlitzkrieg for my 3000 prop

Thx to samatha123 for my 3500 prop

Thx to SSDPartying for my 4000 prop

Thx to yoyoyoyoyoyoyo for my 4500 prop

Thx to neck69 for making me a big dog!


The Family:


Commissioner: Rackman, Osmeliio

Council- Henchling_kelvin, rockin_gabriel, mrparty,Black_Raven

Dark wing- Henchling_Sparky, hamo, buckethead

SOULdiers- Henchling_Sludge, samatha123, magic_shodow



Patriarch/Matriarch: This title speeks for itself. A man or woman who rules over a family, The Family. Their word is ultimately law. This supreme leader handles and closes any trials over new members, disputes, or lawful decisions that affect The Family.

Villainous Council: This is a small group of villains that assist with any decisions or disputes that the Patriarch or Matriarch may need help on. These members are of elite status. They are granted with law making powers that will alow them to oversee and carry out Family Laws. Villainous Council also grants trials and helps The Patriarch or Matriarch decide on the induction of shadows into The Family.

The Dark Wing: These group of villains are the trainers and recruiters of the Family. They are to guide and train new members called Shadows, and show then the ways of evil, teach them the laws of the Family, and show them a thing or two about being a villain. Once they feel that their Shadow Once they feel their Shadow is ready to be inducted they may take the Shadows name to the Council. And then on the Villainous Council and Patriarch/Matriarch will decide their fate.

SOULdiers: These are regular active villains that fight and instill villainy in the hearts and minds of Urbanville, in honor of the Patriarch/Matriarch.

Shadows: The lowest of the villains, these new members are not a part of the Family. These are nothing more than recruits. Their job is to prove their worth and build respect among the Family. They will be tested by their Dark Wing, in which they are sheltered, and if they have impressed and earned their right, a trial will begin to decide their induction into The Family.


Proud Member Of The Urbanville Secret Police.

I will arrest ALL zeroes, whether they have comitted a crime ( which is our job :@ ) or not.

Goodbye ^_^