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Junky To Funky

Bout Me

So, here I am and there you are.
I was once a successful college student working for a gas station where a freak accident involving soft serve icecream, gasoline, and beer left me bitter (like a very hoppy stout). I decided to give up my life of "studying" (like I was actually doing that anyway ;P ) and devote my life to crime fighting/ being an awesome dudette. Word.

**Based on a true story man**

Thanks Under_Wing for my 5,000th prop!
Thanks Addda for my 6,000 prop!

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There are 50 states in the US.:I've been to 12 of them. Im'ressive... I know
Favorite color:puce
Brazilians speak:Portuguese
I rock Urbaniacs from: The Future.
Meatloaf and Creamed Spinach with a side of Banana is:the worst dinner I've ever had
Tim Gunn:is the most amazing superhero ever. Make it work.