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Junky To Funky

Me Me Me

Hey guys...

They say I'm like superman...going from nerd to superhero in zero point two seconds. I am here to protect the nerds of the world. Here us roar. Yeah so that was totally dorky.

Well anyways, I would love some battle practice. So Id love if any of you would invite me into battle with you. Thanks! Oh and I am home!


Oh and I have tracks for sale for those of you who are urbobags. I am saving up for the all mighty Nadia.

Thanks to Sir_Rabbit and Muckquaiker I was able to get the last push for my Urbo Saber!

Highest hit: boingchick sliced and diced 'em with their Urbo-Saber! Sludge's health has been cut by 25%... Sludge lost 69 health.
bo> boingchick attacked Henchling with their Urbo-Saber and did 85 damage.

Best solo battle: killed 2 henchies and a char

Won newbie contest


My Idol is:Super Woman
I rock Urbaniacs from:Maine
My favorite food is:anything Mexican
My battle cry is:Boo
My favorite super power is:Complete mind control

Favorite Game

What's your favorite Urbaniac game?