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Junky To Funky


Member of the Scoprion AME Crew

If you want in, message stebo to join this crew. It dosent matter about ranks, were all the same!

If ya prop, I return the props. Homey me if ya wanna.

I have quite a few items in trades... take a look.

NO None of the items I am wearing are for sale. Anyone asking about them will get dissed... sorry.

I'm always glad to help out in assaults. If I dont immediately join, give me a bit... sometimes Firefox messes up and I have to switch over to IE to engage battles.


Thanks to Ronnie23 for my 80th prop!
Thanks to king_fighter for my 100th prop!
Thanks to RedFlame for my 200th prop!

Lottery Wins

From Urbaniacs
To: becomingcold216
Apr 04 2010 - 04:06 am
You won the following prize in the Urbanville Lottery!

Item: Urbo Gato

Thanks for playing, and good luck next time!