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Junky To Funky


i wanne be a billionaire
so fu***** bad
buy all of the things i never had
i wanne be on the cover of
"urbanville magazine"
smilling next to Goat Fist
and da Man
every time i closed my eyes
i see my name in shining lights
a different game every night and day

i swear the world in urbanville better prepare
for when im a billionaire ;-)

so spent all your urbos to me :-p

for the "propers"
//// prop me - prop u ////
//// diss me - diss u ////

thanks to all the "hard-working" propers ;-)


~ thx to "grafite" & "SilverFlame"
for push me up to the first 1k props
~ thx to "SilverFlame" for the 2k prop
~ thx to "Camden" for the 3k prop
~ thx to "grafite" for the 4k prop
~ thx to "ThunderBlitzkrieg" for the 5k prop
~ thx to "ThunderBlitzkrieg" for the 6k prop
~ SPECIAL thx to "IllDev" for my 6,5k prop
~ thx to "ThunderBlitzkrieg" for the 7k prop :-)
~ "ThunderBlitzkrieg" the best xD thx again for the 8k prop
~ thx to the incredible "ThunderBlitzkrieg" for my 9k prop
~ thx to "nina44" her prop was the big one to my 10000th props :-D