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Junky To Funky

Intel: Agent Death

Name: agentdeath
codename: AD
age: 19
DOB: 18/03/1989
Power: Chaotic death strike
Base of skills: Intelligence and Tacticain
Occupation: robotic and matter researcher
Current Project: *Highly Classified*
Weapon: Warp pistol, Photon Grenade launcher and Urbo saber
armor: AD mark 2 bio-mechanical enhancement suit
details: Unknown

T.V of 2008

What show will get your attention in 2009?


now this suit is brand new redefines my other suits but is a bit more fancy

first thing to note it draws geomagnetic energy which means the ground powers it so don't try and get confuse with it when you see walking around in a lighting storm.

the equpment has most of the requirements of my old one but this time with a onboard drink holder so i can have a nice drink and no Iron i'm not making scotch whisky just for you!

the boots have been changes from jets to Geogravitational to ensure the full transfurence of energy.

what have i been doing?

What happened to you?:i've been busy these last years with college and have been learning about the outdoors.
Are you still going to be here?:Of course i am a good person in heart but with a spelling issue that even drive Dudeman bonkers!.
do you know many people?:I knew a lot of people back in the days as well as the original maggot before he passed away.
have ever held a grudge aginst anyone?:only dudeman when he never knew when to behave like an adult instead of acting like a 9 year old furiously wanting that special item for his birthday and i did leave for a while because of that.
have you always been respected?:not always but i try to prove myself time and time again but their are times when people to tend to get on my nerves!.
what are you like in the RL:i tend to keep to myself after i moved from my hometown to the highlands of scotland i really do miss living in a sub urban enviroment
have you ever thought of being someone you are not:i to tend to think like that at times due to the fact that people live in image of what we should and not being who are to become.
what kind of people to you hang out with?:i like to hang out with people wh o have a good positive attitude to life and know how to have fun in their own ways.