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Junky To Funky

I Have Quit.

It comes a time when everyone quits, it is now mine! I hate these being put in the lounge, here is a perfectly good spot.

My life has come to something really great, i have a great job and my RL cant take the load of a site to distract me when i need to concentrate to get what i want.

I want to say, keep going and keep Urbaniacs thriving. With newer players playing and you guys becoming more awesome, i know the site will become great.

My time has come, but i know everyone still has love for the site.
On pages:
2 - Respect and Thanks to Urbs
3 - Where some of my items have gone.

Bye for now!


Thanks - Respect

This is in two sections, 1st the ones i respect from leaving, the other is my original list.

Im just going to name names, no description. (Ones with * are a special thanks!)


This part of the page is dedicated to all teh urbs i feel deserve to be mentioned. To get here it will be hard but you need to earn my respect. You will get a little peice saying why you are on here (Hard to get on):

Well Kiki is my best friend in RL. Herself and Keswick121 showed me this website and got me started. They helped me out alot. Me and Kiki own our own sandwich and smoothie abr here on Urb, its down Funk Street, Next to teh Funk ALT. We also do things for Urb Chica Wow Wow, are newest one is coming up on episode 9 :)
So Kiki has to top This list :)

How are you on this list? Your not even an old Urb yet, you seem to have made an impact already! 2500 props not even 50 days old. Major respect from all urbs, again not even 50 days old! - Keep the props coming, a good homey!

He may be a villian yet so was i once, i was even Family :)
-This should explain it!
There's a homey I know, who's got the lot
Brains and brawn to put you in your spot.
Ex Family member, but still well respected
More likely than not, no homeys rejected
So hard to find fault with this beatnik du jour
Should have guessed who it is, but just to be sure
HAPPY BIRTHDAY __KINGZ__ it's your Birthday
and here are some homeys with some words to say...

When everyone had a certian thing when i was younger in days, Juicy helped me Get one. (The easest way to say it)

She is always inviting me too battles and one battle i had equiped no gear...

There once was a man named kingz
Who wore a lot of urbo bling
He went to the park...
Tooo late in the dark...
And came home not wearing a thing!

O___O (Juicy's serious look)

.:Afro_Chic & Love_Child:.
They do so much around Urb it wouldn't be as funky without them. They do so much, they run Urb Chica Wow Wow, do some funky contest and keep teh place FUNKY rather than junky :)

Nice Going. He has a broken thumb, wrist and arms - yes both, yet he is still on urb trying to get the HA going. He ruicruited myself and niow got me involved in alot through out the HA. He has woke them up and gewtting them started again... now to beat teh villians?

When he was a villian he seemed to be the only villian (execept 1 0r 2) doing something to help urb get noticed/being FUNKY! He is continualy writing in teh chronicles, occasional gallery pictures. He is not yet 365 days old but i feel he deserves a reward for his works... this can be his Urboversary present and well done gift, a Kill Death.

GKap has always got my back, in Assults in the forums anywhere on urb really. He has helped me alot with the deputy mayor Campaign which i appreciate a lot, thanks a Homey i can trust.

.: The_Shadow_Fighter:.
My Favourite Hero :) And my Batlle partner, any one messes with him has me to follow :) TSF is a good homey, who we can have great battles, talks and much more with :) He has been keeping everything active in urbaniacs, teh forums are booming.
Give TSF major props and respect he deserves it!

He's my Partner in ...(crime) heroicness. Battles, smack talk in the forums, helps me out with kingz's newbie aid. A real helper. And is always trying to keep urb going. Every need anything to help you out im always your 2nd man!
Favourite Homeys :)
10- TunsaTheGreat
11- Elaphante

(not in order)
This is a hard list to get onto and there is no more spaces. I started this 12th september 08... your lucky if your on it!

Items to Urbs

I have a few items for some urbs... just to say thanks. I have only given these out to the ones that show some enthusiasm to do something in the game.

My Speedy Body: UltraUrb
- A good villain needs to be strong

4 Rare items: Senator_Urbaniac
- Pump you up a lil'?

8,000,000 urbos: Armand Hammer
- Help your search for those rare items!

NewbieAid Account, Multiple cash items: Jay_Rawker
-Someone needs to carry it on..

And a few secret things... to some urbs... up top them to speak out.

Dissed Urbs

Wow, your really know how to P me off huh?
This is the shame wall. Since im leaving your gonna be up on here for ever!

Please diss these urbs if you need someone to diss.

Magic_Shodow (laserflip)
_Edge_ again (again... just because your that annoying)

And hey... if you diss _Edge_ to 0, i may come back!