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Junky To Funky


Welcome to the secret lair of call me SS for short.=D


they got each others back! XD


and yh youre looking at the man who thought of the urbo thong.


I'm Looking For:

a terrible head with stats of 100-200.

oh and im looking for super power tps,180k= +5 , 360k= +10, over +10,we'll negociate.


Face Crew:
Dont be a loser, Join our FC cruiser,
Because we live with a smile, Join with a smile,Play with a smile and End with a smile. =D

if you want to join FaceCrew then go to page 4 or ask any member in the crew.


Shout Outs:
ok i would like to give a few shout outs to the people that have helped me through the whole time ive been on urb.
(in no particular order)
urb_god / Ethan1rules / The_Shadow_Fighter / BLACK_RAVEN / JuicyFruit / Zoomer_Mctraveller / __kingz__ / Green_Goober05 / neck69 / kevinkevk / G_kapitan / ..................
there is one space left,ive probably forgotten someone.=|


Not For Sale:
ok please stop asking for my hammer pants,sucka and dsi.i dont care how much you bid for them but they still arent for sale.if it aint trades it aint for sale,but for some items i might negociate with ya ok.


ive been urb of the day once,ive won the lottery twice.

ok, if u prop me il prop u back twice but if u diss me,il diss u back twice,its simple and easy.

oh and i accept all homey requests so feel free to add me.


here is my top ten homey list!(in order):

1)real life friends

if u see any of them then give mad props because they deserve it =)

thanks to juicyfruit for my 1000th and 2000th prop! =D
thanks to urb_god for giving me my 3000th prop! =D
thanks to wreck1990 for giving me my 4000th prop! =D
thanks to JuicyFruit for giving me my 5000th prop!im now a bigdog! =D
thanks to G_kapitan for giving me my 6000th prop! =D
thanks to the_shadow_fighter for giving me my 7000th prop! =D
thanks to G_kapitan for giving me my 8000th prop!! =D
thanks to bigdan for giving me my 9000th prop!! im only 1000props from becoming a beta tester. =D
FINALLY! thanks to ethan and kevin for giving me my 10000th prop on the 14/10/09,one day before my b-day!!! XD

Face Crew

The Elf Crew and Face Crew are now united! but we keep our names and guess what,we are the Strongest crew in Urbaniacs. (I think)=D

I give 100% respect to whole of ElfCrew =) and yes,cheers to an everlasting alliance =D

if you want to join FaceCrew then post in your nickname and face in the facecrew forum and we'll see if you will be accepted.but there will be a more chance of being acceptedif youre active everyday because thats the main thing about this crew.