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Junky To Funky


Being an Intergalactic Monk Funkadelic from the furthest reaches of Future Outer Space, Zerowun is a firm believer in UFOs (Urbaniac Farting Objects) and the mysterious appearance of Prop Circles around the city of Urbanville.

Give props to others as they would give props to you. Maintain Prop Circles and props keep coming. Break Prop Circles and props stop. The concept is simple: You send Zerowun props. He sends you props in return. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

The appearance of Prop Circles around the city of Urbanville has drawn much attention. People across the city have gathered in crowds to participate. This has caused many DELAYS (WITH PROP RETURNS) around Urbanville.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Willing to lend a helping hand, Zerowun will almost always come when called upon to aid in assaults. A Fountain of Funkadelic Info, Zerowun will give his best effort to answer any questions.


Universe:Urbaniacs Universe
Real Name:If I told you my real name. I would have to kill you; but if you really want to know. my real name is Ziggy
Aliases:Zerowun. Z-Dub. The Intergalactic Monk Funkadelic from the furthest reaches of Future Outer Space
Identity:Kept in a shoe box. inside a lock box. kept in a hardened safe. in the corner of the closet. at the back of my bedroom
Occupation:Intergalactic Monk bringing the Funkadelic Funk from Outer Space
Place Of Birth:Planet Nihon VII in a galaxy far. far away
Known Relatives:Father (deceased). Mother (deceased). Brother (unknown)
Group Affiliations:Vigilant Vigilantes
Education:School of the Mind. the Body and the Soul; with Master of Arts degrees in Urbo-nomics and Funk-ology
Height:180 centimetres. ____ 70 inches
Weight:100 kilogrammes. __ 220 pounds
Eyes:Cocoa Brown
Hair:Raven Black
Powers:Funkadelic FU. ___ Super Duper Might
Abilities:Bringing the Funkadelic Funk from Outer Space
Weapons:Jack Johnson and Tom O'Leary <raises fists>
Paraphernalia:There is nothing to see here police officer...
First Appearance:First Sighting among Urbanville streets on 2008 January 07
Origin:From the outer reaches of the Future Funkadelic
Significant Issues:Adjusting to life in the distant past and living funkadelic in Urbanville


I eat pizza:With ranch dressing and hot sauce
I love to smell:The scent of a woman
I rock Urbaniacs from:The Future Funkadelic
My arch enemy is:The Man
My Battle Cry is:I'm Gonna Git You Sucka!!
My favourite action movie is:Star Wars
My favourite food is:Tantanmen Spicy Ramen
My favourite funky power is:The Electric Boogaloo
My favourite game is:Texas Hold'Em Poker
My favourite Ice Cream flavour is:Chocolatey Chocolate
My favourite sport is:Snowboarding
My Idol is:David Hasselhoff
My music style ranges from:Anything with a funky beat; but never ever country music
The best kind of pickle is:Dill?
The greatest battle of all time is:Luke Skywalker Vs. Darth Vader

SCORES (as of 2008-02-24)

Feelin' Lucky Punk? - Single Game:Rank 24 / Score 1360
Feelin' Lucky Punk? - Cumulative Score:Rank 01 / Score 239970
Kick It Ninja Style - Single Game:Rank 03 / Score 1987
Kick It Ninja Style - Cumulative Score:Rank 01 / Score 141282
It's A Bout Time - Single Game:Rank 03 / Score 670
It's A Bout Time - Cumulative Score:Rank 01 / Score 207730
Speedy Runs - Single Game:Rank 10 / Score 2485
Speedy Runs - Cumulative Score:Rank 04 / Score 255435
DJ Says - Single Game:Rank 07 / Score 19121
DJ Says - Cumulative Score:Rank 07 / Score 224188
GoatFist of Fury - Single Game:Rank 23 / Score 4250
GoatFist of Fury - Cumulative Score:Rank 15 / Score 265750
Flingo Flango - Cumulative Score:Rank 11 / Score 187320
Beat Bot Boogie - Single Game:Rank 40 / Score 4045
Beat Bot Boogie - Cumulative Score:Rank 47 / 155160
RoShamBo - Single Game:Rank 33 / Score 1965
FlipIT - Single Game:Rank 47 / Score 3243
FlipIT - Cumulative Score:Rank 35 / Score 231075