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Junky To Funky


I have some brilliant trades up for grabs!

Cape Horn
Moon Cape
Super Power +5 training pass
Night Pecs
Night Shield

and many more.......

So check out my trades now before they all go!

Arch Nemisis

My Arch Nemisis is the evil the mysterious (Lilly_Larva)

If youre wondering were your teddy that you lost last year went it was most likely Lilly_Larva.

She is always at the bottom of any crookery so keep your eyes peeled.

I will report the next evil thing that she does so come back as soon as you can for more about her curious actions.


I am a member of the prop circle if you prop me i will prop you back and so on.

I am trying to get to 10000 props please help.

My100th prop was by Killer Polar Bear

My200th prop was by Linzeeq

My300th prop was by RUSHBOY

My400th prop was by Captain_Berlin

My500th prop was by JingoJones

My600th prop was by Miss_Tipp

My700th prop was by Die_or_eat_italian

My800th prop was by McNightwatchman

My900th prop was by free_willies

My1000th prop was by McNightwatchman

My1100th prop was by Captain_Berlin

My1200th prop was by Muckquaiker

My1300th prop was by rockin_richard

My1400th prop was by Miss_Tipp

My1500th prop was by Noodles

mY1600th prop was by _kingz_

Training Passes and Achievements

Training passes i have won

Defense +5 x1
Mojo +5 x2
Might +5 x1
Health +5 x1
Super Power +5 x1
Health +10 x1

times on wall of heroes

9th (Defense) January 2008
9th (Mojo) January 2008
10th (Super Power) Janauary 2008


Won the lottery on 9/1/08
Urbainac of the day 15/1/08