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Junky To Funky


Welcome to UltraUrbs lair!

See that funky guy to your left? Well that is me! Im a friendly villain, who is here to help!

A friendly villain? That cant be true... Well lets say im a one off! :) I co-run Kingz's Newbie Aid with Jay_Rawker. We are here to help out all newer players onto the site, whether its tips you need or something to start off! Not only do we help newer players, but we also run contests monthly for all of Urbaniacs!

Now, ill keep this short, enjoy the rest of my lair page, stay for drink if you like, if not, see you in the forums!


Tom and Jerry

So who is that cool guy next to me? Well that is my sidekick Tom, his sister Jerry actually lives with Samantha123.



New Urb of Urbanville, do you need any help? Or some FREE gear to get you going? Send NewbieAid a gram and they can help you out.

When you gram them, they will, give you any tips you need on how to play Urbaniacs, they will also answer any of your questions... anything that you need, they will try and help you in any way possible!

If you need help with how to play and what to do, just gram NewbieAid! They have no problems explaining how things work in Urbanville!
To get the main idea of part of Urbanville, look around thie site as it explains many things that you may not know!

Kingz's Newbie Aid, is run by Jay_Rawker and UltraUrb.

Look here for more infomation:

A Few Tips!
- Do not ask other Urbs for gear!
Many Urbs get annoyed with this, its ok to ask me, but don't ask any others...

- Do not Beg!
Begging will get you dissed. Disses are bad, they are the opposite of props. By having loads of props it shows you are respected on Urbaniacs. Disses takes props off, so go and prop as many Urbs as possible!

- Don't Ask For More!
If I, or another player, gives you something, do not ask for more, that will earn you a diss from them or another player... remember you want Props! -

-When you post in forums, make sure you type correctly.
Typing like this:
Ite, ow iz every1 2day
Players hate it, type correctly!

-When you post in the forums, make sure you post in the correct ones!
There is different forums for different dispositions, crews and higher members. So if you not sure if you can post there ask anyone, they will let you know!

Things to do EVERYDAY!
By logging on everyday, you will become stronger and find you will become more well known, able to defeat those Do Gooders and earn alot of respect. But everyday you log on make sure you do these things.
2.Collect your bank interest
3.Get your lottery ticket
Newbies Forum
If you check the forum out, there are many useful and helpful threads in there. Contests are frequently active so keep an eye out!

Remember I have no problem helping you out!

My Family!

My Urb Family!

Mom: AwMom1
Dad: AwDad1
Twin Brother: Osmeliio

Cousins: rockin_gabriel and Sandggg

About my family!

As you can tell by the name, this is mom. She, just like any other mom would, clean, cooks and looks after us all! Although she seems so nice, she is a villain so beware!

Again from the name, you can tell this is dad. He is a bit of a goody too shoes, he has never broke the law, sticks to the speed limit and give urbos to the poor. He is a hero and watches out for the family! Leader of the Heroes is a tough task, when your son's are leading the rebelling villains!

One of the twin brothers. He dress's exactly like UltraUrb, yet you can tell whos who! Osmeliio comonly goes around with his pet sucka. He is one of the 4 leaders of the villains. Anyone stands in his way and his twin is there ASAP!

One of the twin brothers. But to tell this one apart, he always has his b.wareboy at his side. He is the more leinient out of the brothers. He is also one of the 4 leaders of the villains. You start on him and his bro will be right there!

This is UltraUrbs and Osmeliio's cousins, Nephew to Mom and Dad. Hed is a tough tackling villain who is always up for a battle. He may not have the power, but he sure packs a kick!

He is a favourite to his uncle, AwDad1. He joined up to the heroes, as he wanted to follow in his uncles footsteps. Just like sandggg he is always up for a fight. He gives a big kick and is always there to help out.


Ok.. so a villain can be nice - just once.
Just some major respect to some of my homeys!

-Rockin_Gaberial - ONe of the best Heroes! Garenteed for a laugh!
- jodie1995
-AwDad1 - Funkiest guy in Urbanville
-Rackman (The Mentor) :D
- Jay_Rawker - Doesn't matter about his spelling! haha!
- TheThing
- Neck69 (14k props!)

AND A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO Osmeliio! my No.1 Homey!

MEGA PROPS to the battle crew!