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Junky To Funky


Name(s): Tsukasa; Sparta; Bringen; Shadow; Jade; James
Age: 19
Preference (Good or Bad): Bad
Gender: Male (should be obvious)
Time Zone: EST
Loyalty to the game: Medium

So yeah I'm James but you can call me by any of those names I suppose. I get on here when I can which is has been each day so far. Usually 4-5 times a day which is considered (by my standards) medium dedication seeing as I can log into my other online games roughly 10 times a day. I'm a very easy going person (pacifist) so it's not hard to get along with me. If you bother me I'm not going to take lightly to it. I don't appreciate taking kindness for weakness.
If you prop me, I prop you. If you diss me, I'll either shrug it off or diss you back haha. Anyways. That's about all you need to know.

Oh yeah and you can also check me out on MySpace..(You'll have to add me though)

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I may be a bit inactive recently and for a few more weeks but fret not. It's just that my semester is coming to an end, so I'm bogged with work. Things should be slightly better once I'm done with it. Thanks for understanding.