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Junky To Funky

\:~About Outlaw~:/

Howdy yall welcome to the L.O.D. Sanctum. Check out the L.O.D. Crib and all that jazz. First, ill tell you a bit about myself. Im totally addicted to urbanville, and the people in this marvelous city. Im a villain, as you can obviously tell. Im very passionate about what I do. So if you ever see me get heated send me a gram reminding me its just a game. Its a tendency that gets the better of me, and a poor habit to have, so again if you see me getting mad or frustrated at someone. Just hit me up with a simple reminder "hey its just a game".

Im what you would awesome villain. Im nice to the people that understand me and get the way I feel about things. But rude to those who open their mouth when they dont understand me or the points I try to make or the things I come up with. Im also nice to great villains and people who are funky. If you are DISS-funked, you can forget about me EVER talking to you.

I love battling alone, Im a nomad by nature, but just hard-core like a villain. So dont get offended when you dont get a battle invite from me. Thats how I make my urbos as well. Since Im bored with games and dont find them entertaining anymore.

Youll have to get over the fact that im open minded and very opinionated. I say whats on my mind. If you are a friend of mine that does something stupid in the forums you can expect either two things from me. Tell you that you are a dweeb for doing something stupid or back you up when people are ganging up on you. Its simple. Dont do anything stupid and expect people not to react in a negative way.

Story Time (In DA house)

You wont be hearing my background story. Im mysterious, and your gonna have to understand that. But i will tell you about my sidekick. Or better yet my evil little teddy bear, Roosevelt.