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Junky To Funky

Basic Info

Alright, this is the lay-down.

My current goals... are accomplished. Mostly.

My computer is relatively slow, and occasionally freezes up. I am terribly sorry.

I return props. However long it takes. But I do.

I don't play with sound on, so I'm not always quick to respond to something.

I am a self-proclaimed philosopher.

I am a proud hero.

My sidekicks' names are Maxi, the Shwolf and Cory, the Urbo Gato.

I write for the Chronicles as often as possible, which isn't very often...

I can't draw to save my life, so don't look for my name in the Gallery.

I don't have any Skins....... at all.

I will answer any and all questions via Urbogram.


Torvus Messor

Work in progress.

Page 3

The best kind of pickle is:Pickle-O's
My favorite sport is:Fishin'
My favorite Ice Cream flavor is::meat
My favorite game is:Urbaniacs
My favorite funky power is:MAGNUM!!! (The Hero version of Evil Eye)
I rock Urbaniacs from:Texas
I love to smell:with my nose
The greatest battle of all time is:the one with those people...
My favorite televised program:The Twilight Zone
My Greatest Accomplishment:Yeah, like I have any of those....