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Junky To Funky


Currently only TP's and urbos are accepted for bidding.

Currently buying all TPs please contact me with your prices.

Most I'll pay for a +5 tp:
might - 120k
defense - 175k
mojo - 165k
health - 190k
super power - 200k

Hustle Alliance
Black Suit Squadron - 1/14/09
Hammer Crew - 3/08
Beta Testers - 04/08

Achievements (Attacks):
1687 hit on sparky - 8/3/09,10/11/09
1629 hit on sparky - 12/11/09

Achievements (Props):
25,000 props - 2/13/09
Thanks everyone

Achievements (WoH):
Might 1st place - 12/01/08

Achievements (UotD) - 10/06/09

Achievements (Bloopers):
The_Crimson_Bullet's Sucka sucks the life out of The_Crimson_Bullet and The_Crimson_Bullet regains 195 health. - 8/18/09


Age: 26
Location: San Diego, California
Pets: 2 kittens - (Bella & Abby)

Photography, Mountain Biking,
Volunteering, Computers, online games

-B.S. Computer Networking
-B.S. Network Security

-Processor: AMD Phenom II 630
-OS: 64bit Debian Linux
-Harddrive: 8GB Compact Flash Card

Special Note:
In Loving Memory of my cat "Twinkles", she was a true family member and my best friend through the best and the worst. (1988 - 2008) - 12/21/08

0x113 sparky - 3-19-09


Game Policy:
The following is not tolerated and is subject to Disciplinary Action:
- Aggressive Soliciting ("I have this item please buy it!")
- Begging, Bullying, Dissing
- alter egos that contain profanity or anything deemed inappropriate.

Prop Policy:
I will try to return all props received, but I'm only human and sometimes miss some

Urbaniac Help Policy:
If you need any game related help, let me know and I'll try to help as much as possible.

Technical Help Policy:
Also if you have any computer related questions or issues, I'll be more than happy to help. (see "bio" for info)

Disciplinary Action:
May consist of the following:
Dissing(s), or being reported to the admin.

Trade Policy

Trade Policy:
-Items that I am wearing are not for sale!
-All cash items start at 400k
-All bids go to the highest bidder.
-All bids under the marked bidding price WILL BE REJECTED.
- If unaware of an item price please urbo gram me.