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Junky To Funky

Origin Stories

((First things first: To be abrasive and out of character, my policy on trades and such is located on the third page. I recomend reading it before any urbograms are sent.
Also, please apply a liberal amount of common sense.))
Theres not much to tell, really.

Thanatos is a fire elf, descended from a nomadic desert tribe.
Having moved into a state of semi-permenant habitation near the edge of the desert, selling supplies to travellers, Thanatos was put in a mixed-race school.

It was during a fellow student's rampage that Thanatos manifested his powers. He was angry, and blinded by that rage.

He claims he was teased and outcast, and that his fury was justified, listing a veritable novel's worth of grievances. Most of the slight, some imagined, all of them petty and insubtantial reasons to get violent.

Thanatos brought him to a stop.

Back then, the elf had been studying weather magicks and summoned a bolt of electrcity to electrify the ground beneath the aggressor's feet.
He dropped his weapon, and changed tactics, assaulting Thanatos directly.

Left without another trick in his sleeve, Thanatos screamed for help.

As the word "Help" escaped his lips, so did a torrent of arctic winds, freezing the attacker in place.

And then, Thanatos ran.

He ran all the way to Urbanville, where he integrated himself with the H.U.S.T.L.E. Allaiance, and, eventually, Funk-ahhhh-Delic-ALT, which sprang up after he arrived, founded by a pair of his friends.

There are other aspects to his background, it being both long and colourful, but it will remain undisclosed here.
Excercise caustion when broaching the subject, though. Theres a good reason they aren't in the Public Eye.


((Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair))

Yes, this section is on me. It'll be quick and mostly a few factoids.

My real name is David. I am a Sailor in the United States Navy (I don't have anything to do with their policy. Take politics #elsewhere, please.), and currently stationed in Japan (+9 GMT, 14 hours ahead of you east coasties)

I am not Greek or of Greek descent (Sorry, Greccans. I have an Athenian friend though, an shes awesome. Also - I'm always willing to make new friends, so don't hesitate to 'Gram me, anyway!)
I am, however, a wiejo (Hlaf-blood Native American.), my tribes are from the Iriquios and Sioux nations.
The other 'half' is from various European nations, cheif amongst them Ireland and Germany. I am however, 100% an American (Though I detest the sterotypical American privliged U-squared-C).

I speak English, very broken and not at all good Spanish and know enough Japanese to order water and find the train station, as well as a smattering of random phrases from other languages (and am slowly learning Modern Greek. Most of what I know is not appropriate, though).

I am Wiccan. No, I will not teach magic. No I do not actually do magic. Wicca is a religion, not some teenaged cult for self-absorbed goths. Sod off about it.

I'm an aspiring author, and am currently working on a Cyberpunk/Biopunk Dystopian novel which has a working title of "Conflagration".

If you want to read it, I insist that you are A) Sufferage age for your respective country or 18, whichever is older
B) Going to Edit and leave constructive criticisim. (Note that this includes neither "This sucks" nor "Wow, this is amazing". None of those help.)
C) Not going to steal it.

Talk Cyberpunk or Dystopic to me and I'll love you.
Talk steampunk and I'll be very dismisive.
Talk Biopunk and I'll chatter on about how ignored as a genre it is.
Talk Goth Punk or Punk Punk at your own peril.

Finally, I'll give out my MSN messanger to friends over Urbogram if they so desire.
Anyone playing City of Heroes is free to shoot a message to @Cyberphage if they wanna muck around on there.

I primarily run about on Justice, with a Blaster who goes by Cyberphage, and am part of the ruling head of a small Supergroup called 'The Omniscients'.
I also have an Ice-tastic Blaster Mage os Virtue called 'Quill.

The deal on commerce

No, I'm not selling. You'll notice I have nothing in the Swap Meet, an excess of items in my inventory, and some of you may even notice CLEESH, my Imperial Majestic Croaker.
He's not for sale.

I'm not selling my head. Its attatched.

My Dragon Nass, Stacy, is not for sale. She's got abandonment issues.

Also, Thanatos is a poor elf, Don't come to me offering items I don't care about for ridiculous amounts of urbos. I don't want them and can't afford them. If I'm interested in buying something, I'll browse the Swap Meet.

If you want to donate something, go right ahead.


This page is somewhere I am going to be updating progress on CLEESH's training.

Here are his stats:

Might: 95
Defence: 15
Mojo: 75
Health: 15

If you're feeling like selling or giving away training passes for the above stats, You'll get a short thank you on this page, and you'll be making a "Low-powered" sidekick a more major player.
Because its awesome, thats why.