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Junky To Funky


Welcome to the Tiki of Urbanville's Lair ;P

Some things....

1. I am buying TP's right now except might, I am only accepting health and SP at the minute, also if you want I will trade you a different TP for your TP for equal price

2. I will not sell any body parts/equipment so do not send me a message, I don't diss becuase im not like that :)

2. Sometimes I am in another assault, so i'll send you a message to wait up, its okie if you can't wait on me :D

3. If i do invite you to an assault i'll wait for a good amount of time so take your time and it would be nice if you can send me a message that your in another assault so I know I need to wait :P

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE ;D! I hope you all have a awesome christmas.

I miss you so much JuicyFruit, my little sis :D, Im hoping your christmas is awesome :3

> T_Feary sliced and diced 'em with their Urbo-Saber! GoatFist's health has been cut by 25%... GoatFist lost 1521 health.

Got Xbox Live? Send me a message with your name and I may add you :D



Have you ever played with/against Itsravman on Xbox Live?


NOW i have a family on the site now, Which the family name is Viva La Famalia, these are the ppl in the family
Big sis: BigBadSista,
Big bro: super_doofus
Big bro: Azarnikow.
Aunt: Jewel
My cousins: Love_Child and blinderboy
Sis: JuicyFruit
Well thats my family!


I have played baseball for 4 years now.

First year (2005)(Minor leage)
Team: Mariners
Position: First base
Shirt Number: 9
Clothing coloring: Turquios and black.

Second year (2006)(Minor leage)
Team: Cardnals
Position: right field
Shirt number: 9 (AGAIN)
Clothing coloring: Red and white.

Third year (2007)(Magor leage)
Team: Padres!
Position: Left Field
Shirt number: 9 (DAG NABBIT AGAIN)
Clothing Coloring: Dark blue and Gray.

Fouth Year!!! (Jr Leage)
Position: Right or Left Fielder
Shirt Number: 9!
Clothng Coloring: Light Blue, Grey pants with black stripes

NEW (All Stars!!!)
Position:Right Field
Shirt Number: 7 (noooooo! lol)
Shirt Coloring: Blue jerseys with white pants, and a blue cap (Royal Blue)

Well so far thats how many years I played baseball : )