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This is my Lair... :D

Keep on Urbin-on in the free world!!!!

Thanks to Montgomery for givin me my 1000th prop!

The Begining...

It was a wet and windy day... Or was it, I seem to have forgotten. This was a long time ago you see. In any case. This long time ago story started in a quiet cafe. There sat a tiger tamer and a ninja. They sat spooning gargantuan bites of bubblegum ice cream and chatting. They were the only costumers at this time, but that did not bother them. Suddenly, a large wrestling woman came into the cafe in a rage! She threw chairs and flipped tables as she made her way to the two already settled. But, before she could get to them and begin her destruction from no where a meteor crashes into the cafe turning it to a wreck. And as the dust finally settled and people started to emerge in hopes of seeing one of the victims, a single figure rises from the rubble. Her name is TIGrrr, hear her ROAR. Or so the story goes... says a friend... of a friend... of a frog. =).