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Junky To Funky


*~*Don't invite me to ones with Kelvin or Sparky if you can't take them on yourself.

*~*This is not a dating site nor a *hookup* site. No, I will not be your girlfriend, nor will I help you find one. If you're going to ask, odds are I'm simply too old for you anyhow. If you're one of the pervs out there, there's a little thing called "Google"--use it and leave the nastiness out there.

*~*Don't send me a gram asking if I want to buy something. I DO NOT BUY TPs.

*~*Don't ask if items I'm wearing are for sale.

~*Don't bid on my items with other items unless we discuss it before or the item you're offering IS EQUAL in value.

*~*If you don't seen an item in my trades, it's not available.

*~*Don't bid ridiculously low on my items.

*~*Don't ask me to GIVE you things.

*~*Don't be a jerk or rude.

*~*Never, EVER give out your password NOR _ANY_ personal information.

*~*Don't turn down Sparky's advances:
>Sykick: No, Sparky! I will NOT be your Valentine!
> Sparky attacked Sykick and did 286 damage.
> Sykick is down!


*If you're new, welcome! If you have any questions, need help, or anything, let me know; I'll do what I can to help you out.

*Do invite me to help with battles (no Sparky or Kelvins, please).

*Do realize that sometimes my boys are playing games for me, so it's not always ME here.

*Do realize that even villains have to follow rules.

*Do bring the Funk!

*Do spread the word and keep Urbs going.