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Junky To Funky


what will you be doing when its all over.

End of Days

Is this it? It's been an experience here in Urbville. I have met some interesting cats and have rode an emotional rollercoaster that I wouldn't trade for anything. I don't profess to be the nicest or the most evil of persons, but I have had a blast playing them. Lots of really nice and interesting people have came into town. And lucky for us there have been a lot of Trolls to tend to. Adios and happy trails biotches.

Random Thoughts

All the riff raff ran away and now there is no one to play with :) Oh that's right, they were jerks.. How quickly we forget.

Why keep trying to convince people that you are evil? Just be who you are. A pat on the back isn't always an indicator that you are on the right track.

*I am not a crook* :)~

If I extend a hand of friendship and pull back a nub, The fight is on :)

Float like a buttafly, sting like a B.

No, I am not selling or swapping any of my gear.

No, I can't buy you any cash items.

No, I don't wanna be your girlfriend.

If its for sale, its in my swaps. But most of the time that is for contest winners.

Check the Systers of Syn Store in the Forums for deals ok?

I have taken to collecting the UrboWar booty of the Vigilantes. Got a couple of trophys in my Stash Box Crib also.

Boycott the UrboWars... Just buy the prize in the swaps...