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Junky To Funky


I am part of the Original Vampire clan on here. I have 2 teenagers on here, Rose_Thorn and Teddy_Rose.. I am very protective of my own. I consider some clan members as family as well.** my youngest child became an Urb recently, he goes by Ember_Rose. Please treat him properly as he is younger.

Member of the Black Suit Squadron

I was a member of the Villainous Family..

Now I am a part of Corruption Inc..
We take care of our own.. mess with the best, die like the rest..

1) I only add people as homey's if I know them.

2) I have 9 pages of props to return.Give me Time I am on DIAL-Up.. 26K on a good day.

3) do not invite me if you do not have the patience to wait.DIAL-UP takes longer to load.

4) Do not urbogram me asking me to buy a cash item for you or make trades for something you think or know I own. If I wanna trade something I will let people know. I either worked hard for the items I have or spend money off of a limited income for something I must have wanted bad enough.Enjoy the DISS!

Got Diss'd?

Well if ya got dissed and wanna know why, here are the basic reason's I diss.

*asked me to buy something.

*asked to buy something I am wearing.

*asked if I had any retired or special items I would sell.

*acted like a JA in forums.

*rude to another urb in a UNFUNKY way.

*harassing my kids to sell something I gave them after I told you NO.

So if you have done any of these items and received a Diss from me, you now know why...

Don't be stupid and ya won't set my diss finger into overdrive!