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Junky To Funky

Somethings about sir

Last week song preferences:will be here next week
My arch enemy:I'ma so good hero that even my nemesis started liking me!!! ehehhe The truth is that we like to much of each other! But now I need a new one. I'm acepting requests!
My Batlle Cry:Lets kick some butter!!
My fav movies:American Pie (all of them), L'Auberge Espagnole, A Walk to Remember, Moulin Rouge, xXx, matrix (again all of them) and a lot more
My fav food:cod at Braz, turkey beef with some corn rice and love everithing that has spice in it
My fav games:Age of Empires, NFS, Micro machines, UT and of course URBANIACS (rule!)
My fav Ice Cream flavor:Caramel, cofee, raspberry and strawberry
My fav sports:soccer, volley and beach tennis
My Idols:Albert Einstein and the great Dave
My music style ranges from:if it sounds good then I must have it. Alternative, house, rock, hard rock, grunge, jazz, chillout, everything
My fav bands off all time:Foo fighters, Bush, Gotan Project, QOTSA, SOAD, The Strokes, ........ (it wouldn't stop)
I rock Urbaniacs from:A litle place in the corner of Europe
My sidekick name:Mr Killer Piggy

Presenting Mr Killer Piggy

What do u think about my story? survey results

8) Well it was good, but don't bother writing another - 3
7) Do you call that a story??? - 7
6) It's OK - 9
5) Stop wasting your time on writing! - 10
4) yeah it was good, keep doing more! - 12
3) Wow man totally funny!! - 17
2) Your story?? The story is from Mr Killer Piggy!! - 24
1) Oh man, was I supposed to read it?? - 47

47 in 129 persons did the survey about a story they haven't read, and they even got the nerves to admit it!!? At least you could have lied about!

24 in 129 persons don't understand that the story is from the writer not from the main character. Of course it is my story!!!

to the 17 in 129 persons: THANKS! I did enjoy writing it.


Oh you want to know Mr Killer Piggy?! (Waits for Mr Piggy to appear...)
Hum, maybe he hasn't heard. Mr Killer Piggy come here I want to present you to this person (waits a little more...) Well he is a little bit shy! (turns around and waves to Mr Piggy. Come on Killer u can do it, you're a fighter remember?!) Hum usually not this shy! Maybe there's something wrong. Wait a just a sec please. (Rabbit turns around and goes talk to Mr Piggy).

Come on Killer, is there something wrong? I know there's something, just tell me. What? You can't talk with this person looking!? It's ok I'll tell her to look the other side. (Walks back in front)

Hum, there's something wrong with him, but he is a little embaraced with your presence so if you could just turn back, it would help much. Ok thanks! (Gets back to Mr Piggy)

OK now you can talk. HUM? JEALOUS?? OF WHAT?? Ok ok, I'll calm down. Just tell me everything. You've heard about Kid Covert? What about it? Hum I see. You're afraid that I trade you for Kid Covert. U silly pig, I'm not trading you for a guy that I can't even see. You're my homey Killer, not trading you for the first new thing that comes around! (Hugs Mr Piggy and comes back in front.)

Ok you can turn around now, it's all settled. (whispers: It was nothing! Silly Pig!)
Ok I now have the pleasure to present the best sidekick in all urbanville! He may not fly, he may not have a ride, he may be lazy, but well I am too. He may not even talk but for fighting there's no other like him, so brave and always up to help me and my homeys kicking the bad guys. Here comes the one and only Mr Killer Piggy! (Mr Piggy comes in front and bows in a clumsy way. Rabbit whispers: Isn't he great?!!)

(an urbogram arrives) Hum looks like we have some work to do Killer. We'll see you around.