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Junky To Funky

Up up and away...

Been a long time since I called Urb home. But now that I have returned I fear for it's future.
In the past we had certain dispositions, most rivaled against the others and some that ruled the site. We had contests of skill and wit to determine who was best. It better the site and it bettered us.

Now with my return I see tumbleweeds rolling down the street. Big Dogs are nowhere to been seen.
The mayor is gone, Goatfist has robbed the bank with no repercussion... as far as I can tell no one is here!!!

It is either time to abandon ship like the rest.... Or let the shadows of evil forces take over...
Only time will tell what will become of Urbanville.


My affiliation:The Family
My arch enemy is:Iron_Pants
My favorite funky power is: Mind Control.
My Idol is: GoatFist
My music style ranges from: Anything with a funky beat.
My favorite sport is: Burrito tossing
My favorite Ice Cream flavor is:Bean Burrito
My Battle Cry is:Boom-shacka-lacka
I love to smell: With my nose.
I will diss:Anyone