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Junky To Funky


Status quo is a Latin term meaning the present, existing state of affairs. In order to understand the Present, yours or mine, You must understand the Past. Status Quo Ante. The State of Things Before.

You see, I was Born with my Powers. Well, The Strength, & The Trigger Thumbs anyway. Which makes me a Mutant if you think about it. But Growing Up, I really knew I was more than I was. I lead a Normal life, Pretty pedestrian.

You know what. Let me Sum up my Past.
*See Puncher file Number one

*Found out I had Powers. Looked to My older Brother For Advice. Got Thrown through a Brick wall & into the side of a car. Fun Times. Oh My Bro Had powers to. See His Puncher file.

*Spent 3 Years fighting Crime in my Home city. Left to do Good elsewhere

*Came To UrbanVille. Joined Hustle Alliance

*The first Another Day happen. Got thrown through Another Brick wall. Spent some time in the Hospital. Teamed up with My Heroes. I was a Deer in headlights for the Situation

*Afro_Chic, One of My Dearest Friends, Got Kidnapped. I went all Super Detective & Was one of 7 Heroes to find her. I will never stop Braggin about this.

*After a Year in The HA I leave to Join the Family. Why? I Still Don't know.

*Join the Vampire. Best Decision I made at that point.

*I leave town fr a bit to help Save my Nephew from the future. My Nephew beat down Moe, & put me in a Bubble. A Stinkin Electric Bubble. We take him to the present. He becomes a Hero. Stinkin Bubble

*Another Day 2 Happens. I'm Sleepy, I get beat up, Go through some Hulk Rage, Go to sleep, get a Blond Mohawk, Wake up, Shave said Mohawk, "Storm the Castle". Look, You Should Really read AD2.

*Quit the Villains. Because I could.

*Take a Few months to Focus on me.

*Rebuild the Ruckus Room.

*Trade one Power for a New one.

*Got a Snazzy new Wrist Computer that Allows me to Create Holographic Clones, Which are like the Old ones, but after one hit. Fizzle.

That was the Past. Are you ready for the Future?


It's difficult to write this page.

You see, I've been on this website for close to 9 years now. It might be more. Might be less. At this point in my life, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I have grown up with this site, and because of this site.

Puncherjoe is a name I've used for a long time.

Let's get something right...

I never cared about justice, and I don't ever recall calling myself a hero... I have always only fought for the people that I believe in. I won't hesitate... If an enemy appears before me, I will destroy them. I will fight for my friends with every fiber of my being.


Puncher! We <3 U

Ladies... It's okay to feel the way you feel. I'm amazing, suave, handsome, intelligent, etc.

Fellas... It's okay as well, I'd wanna be me too.