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Junky To Funky


Status: I represent no one but ME! Heh.

Role: Rogue Villain

Why I dissed you: I diss stupid people. If you are unable to figure that out, I dissed you because I think you are stupid.

Soon everything shall change in Urbanville and my true nature will be revealed that is if you have not noticed already. It is my duty to keep my actions villainous yet funky for that is the only way for evil to spread in Urbanville, not through cruelty and unfunky acts.

I may be a nerd but it is not intelligent to underestimate me or my need to win. Heh.


P.S. Remember, I diss stupid people and my dissing finger is extremely limber for there are many stupid people in Urbanville.

The Family

Recently, I dealt with the prospects of becoming a Family member but after they deliberated, the promise of me became a condition. Heh, I was told to join LOS and issue an apology to someone for I dissed them about their urbo-pod.

No thank you Family and please allow me to explain why, although you do not have to listen.

1. I am not the type to apologize for my own opinion whether in public or in private because I have the right to state it and the idea of hurting someone's feelings or annoying them never crosses my mind. Heh, I am a Villain, if you are looking for an apology then it is best if you find yourself a Hero.

2. Starter groups are for those who have starter mentalities meaning no dreams, no aspirations, heh, they are empty shells waiting to be filled by whatever ideals and morals that the group they are trying to join, hold. I am not empty nor am I dreamless for I know who I am and I am proud enough to say that I am an asset to whomever I decide to join.

3. I thought that the Family was an upstanding organization but alas I was mistaken for now it seems as though I almost joined a fraternity where members are forced to bow to the older members, heh, if I refuse to bow to Bill Gates, then I will refuse to bow to anyone else.

Heh, thank you for treating me the way that you did because you saved me from a big mistake. Feel free to talk about this on your other site and if it makes you feel better, devise a plot or two to put me in my place. I fear no one, especially an online group filled with Varsity Cheerleaders who refuse to allow others to sit at their lunch table. LOS enjoy being the Junior Varsity team for it is my hope that soon you will join the big leagues and change the rules that prevents your organization from expanding.

It is not my plan to return to LoD nor will I join the Hustle Alliance or Funk-Ahhh-Delic ALT for I am a Villain, tried, true, and tenacious! Heh, if you ever realize your mistake Family, you know where to find me for I will be tripping a Hero downstairs or switching a Beatnik's coffee with brown colored sewer water. Maybe I will decide to give you all another chance to prove to me that you are the right group for me, perhaps I will not.


Testimonies about the Family

From Hobbes:

"I recognize a flaw with the idea of old members controlling newer members, especially with the setup of The Family and its subordinate branch the League of Shadows. The mindset is that newbies must climb a chain of demands to be recognized as an equal to senior players. That just seems too uptight for my liking. If I were a villain, why would I stick to the straight-and-narrow to try and earn a name for myself?

Villains should not have such systems of regulated repression. They should be helping one another with their individual goals and dreams to smite the heroic figures of Urbanville from the face of the Earth. Then we heroes can rise to the challenge, making more activity and gaining more popularity for Urbaniacs. Popularity is good. :D

Rules drool, so why should villains follow them?"

From Afro_Chic:

"Hey Dext! Saw your lair! An apology?! Are Villains supposed to do that???? Didja tell them to lick you where the good Lord splits you? *snickers*

Here's the thing, The Family of today is TOTALLY different from The Family in my day! Back in those days, they would snatch ya up with a QUICKNESS! In those days, if the Family thought that you were a great person, you were offered an officer position. None of that LOS stuff! Heck, I was given an officer position when I joined for the 3 days...I blame the water.

So uh, when are you gonna become a Beatnik? Unlike them, we TRULY don't have any rules! So come over to the non-conformist side...Mantis gives out free brownies but I wouldn't eat them if I were you! *winks*"

From Rancid_Rawhide:

"Hello my respected nerdy villain. I was reading up on your problem with the Family.

What does a guy have to do to show that he is a top villain dog around Urbanville. I do think they were a little stupid to question your opinion, come on, its like they want you to be there to express your opinion on stupid people that aren't in the LoS or Family, but when you do express your opinion towards one of them, your are "insulting" them. Do they not understand the lack of mercy you have for ignorance? It seems a little far fetched to me. You can wait on the family to see you as a "true" villain, but to me it looks like im talking to a true villain. And if they cant see that, I suggest you keep on being a rouge villain. There's nothing you have to do to justify yourself or your opinions to anyone."

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