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Junky To Funky

Devil Dog

10 November 1775: I Was Born In A Bomb Crater. My Mother Was An M16 And My Father Was The Devil. Each Moment That I Live Is An Additional Threat upon Your Life......


-MVP villain- sept 6 2012

Urb Off!


"At dawn on the following day, First Lieutenant Hawkins resumed the dangerous mission of clearing the limited beach-head of Japanese resistance, personally initiating an assault on a hostile position fortified by five enemy machine guns, and crawling forward in the face of withering fire, boldly fired point-blank into the loopholes and completed the destruction with grenades. Refusing to withdraw after being seriously wounded in the chest during this skirmish, First Lieutenant Hawkins steadfastly carried the fight to the enemy, destroying three more pillboxes before he was caught in a burst of Japanese shellfire and mortally wounded. Although Hawkins was gone, his scout sniper platoon continued their deadly work clearing out enemy bunkers. Hawkins had inspired his Marines to carry out without him. They were well-trained,well-led, and believed in each other and their cause."


My Urb Family!

Mom: AwMom1
Dad: AwDad1
Twin Brother: UltraUrb

Cousins: rockin_gabriel and Sandggg

About my family!

As you can tell by the name, this is mom. She, just like any other mom would, clean, cooks and looks after us all! Although she seems so nice, she is a villain so beware!

Again from the name, you can tell this is dad. He is a bit of a goody too shoes, he has never broke the law, sticks to the speed limit and give urbos to the poor. He is a hero and watches out for the family! Leader of the Heroes is a tough task, when your son's are leading the rebelling villains!

One of the twin brothers. He dress's exactly like UltraUrb, yet you can tell whos who! Osmeliio comonly goes around with his pet sucka. He is one of the 4 leaders of the villains. Anyone stands in his way and his twin is there ASAP!

One of the twin brothers. But to tell this one apart, he always has his b.wareboy at his side. He is the more leinient out of the brothers. He is also one of the 4 leaders of the villains. You start on him and his bro will be right there!

This is UltraUrbs and Osmeliio's cousins, Nephew to Mom and Dad. Hed is a tough tackling villain who is always up for a battle. He may not have the power, but he sure packs a kick!

He is a favourite to his uncle, AwDad1. He joined up to the heroes, as he wanted to follow in his uncles footsteps. Just like sandggg he is always up for a fight. He gives a big kick and is always there to help out.



when its time to go inside,
That place of steel and stone.
I pray that you will keep me safe,
So I wont walk alone.
Help me to do my duty,
Please watch me on my rounds.
Amongst those perilous places
And slamming steel door sounds.
God, Keep my fellow Officers
Well and free from harm.
Let them know i'll be there too,
Whenever there's alarm.
Above all when I walk my beat,
No matter where I roam.
Let me go back whence I came,
To family and home.