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Junky To Funky


Guess I'll give this a go, I'm always lookin for a good fight.

You don't need to know much about me. I'm a human who plays a few sports and I'm pretty laid back. I go by Nova or Fighter, I'm a dude and I'm 18.

Hey, if you wanna rap battle me send me an UrboGram


Under the night blue sky
feeling my surroundings
all my senses heightened.

My eyes remain alert
scanning the battlefield
I hear movement
footsteps and a shot.

I see it
a small orange orb
at full speed
I hide.

Then I take aim and fire
the numerous orbs hit my primary target
I run to the top and grab the red fabric
winning the war for my team
as the morning sun splashed the sky with color.

Intro Rap

Okay, I'll spit some rhymes to show off my skill
This is gonna be easy since you're an easy kill.
My raps so sick, killin' you with every hit.
People on my streets know not to cross me
Cause if my rap game is goin, while my spit is flowin, it's gonna be a clash
when I step to the mic I rap so fast
I'm hearin them whisper cause their so afraid.
I knock them down with every verse, got them slayed.

Around theses parts people know I'm the best
It's in my blood, check out my family crest
I should of warned ya, before it was too late
But now you got to meet this terrible fate.
I'll tear you apart like you were a feast.
You dug your own grave Headline: Rest In Piece.

Rap Log

Time for the lights to go out and for the monster to come out/
Fighter is the name and I'm the main attraction/
you look scared and that's a normal reaction/
This would be easier if you just lay on the floor/
my rhymes be stuntin' like Parkour/
get a stretcher/open the door/
bout to send another victim to the morgue

Your about to fail this battle Little Hero/
gonna freeze ya and rip out your spine like Sub-Zero/
I'm a monster who's just been unchained/
you better watch out cause I'm insane/
I will pull out my mic and splatter ya brains/
Your rappin' is child's play
shooting you down/Critical Slay

Time for this Assassin to finish his deed/
spittin' my rhymes watchin' you bleed/
cleans up the slaughter on the dirty ground/
throws you in lake never to be found/
My lyrics are fast as lightning/
destroying your weak verses without even trying