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[FIRSTLY - No items in the swap meet from this account are for sale.]

Soon enough NewbieAid will be starting up challenges that will be open to all Urbs.

The challenges will be something you have to work for. So if you have 500 posts, your challenge would be, GET TO 1000 POSTS IN 2 WEEKS, NO SPAM.

These challenges will be set by us, everyone's won't be the same as we will do them to go with your character.

When you complete a challenge you will receive a reward. This will be agreed before your challenge starts. Prizes can be urbos, items, cash items and training passes.

The more challenges you do, the more prizes you can win.


Here are a list of Urbs who have taken upon a challenge. This will show what they have completed and current challenge:

UltraUrb - Get posts to 1,000 (250,000 urbos)



Table of Contents:
Article I:Eligibility
Article I Section I: Kinds of Aid
Article I Section II: Being Active
Article II: Financial Aid
Article III: Items Aid
Article IV: Tutorial Aid
Article V: Conclusion

ARTICLE I: Eligibility

In order to receive any kind of Aid the player must be 100 days or younger. The player must have been playing for at least 10 days. In those 10 days, the player must have played at least 8 games a few times. The player must have participated in 10 assaults. The player must have gotten at least 50 props and trained a few times. The player will also be checked for attitude, and previous records.


NewbieAid offers all kinds of aid, from items to equip to urbos to spend.
* Financial Aid (see Article II)
* Items Aid (see Article III)
* Tutorial Aid (see Article IV)
* Battle Aid (see Article V)


Playing for consecutive days will earn you more and more stuff. At day ten you will get your 5 items, day 15 you will get 30k urbos, day 30 you will get 5 more items, day 50 you will get 100k urbos!

ARTICLE II: Financial Aid

To apply for financial aid, you must send me a message with the subject "Financial Aid" and you must tell me how much urbos you currently have and how much interest your currently getting. Once you have sent the message, sit back and wait for the reply, which will probably take about 24 hours, in some cases a bit more. To qualify for this aid you must meet the requirements on ARTICLE I: Eligibility.


To apply for items aid, you must send me a message with the subject "Items Aid" in your message you must include your stats on all three of your body parts, and you must tell me what stuff do you currently have and who gave them to you. A proper admin will verify this, so there's no point in lying. Once you sent your gram, sit back and wait for a reply which will probably take 24 hours or so, depending on your status.

ARTICLE IV: Tutorial Aid

To apply for tutorial aid, you must send me a gram with the subject "Tutorial Aid" and on your message please add the thing you want to learn, if you want to learn everything theres is about urbaniacs please state so. It will take about 24 hours or less to reply to your message with further instructions.

ARTICLE V: Conclusion

If you read everything stated above and you've followed the appropriate directions, you can include this code word in the message you will sent apply for any kind of aid. This codeword will give you a bonus item!

Code Word: Smarticles

Quick Info

Kingz's NewbieAid was a creation of a great Urb, __Kingz__, unfortunately he left the site, but passed the organization onto Jay_Rawker when he left urb.

Since then, NewbieAid has acquired UltraUrb to help out with this growing non-profit organization, which has been going around now for nearly four years.

Thank you, to all those who donated in the past and who will donate in the future. We have tons of items because of you guys! .

The main aim of NewbieAid, is to help out newer Urbs when they join Urbaniacs. This may be by getting free gear, Urbos or it may just be they need some help.

If you need help with how to play and what to do, just gram Jay_Rawker, UltraUrb or send a gram straight to NewbieAid account! We have no problems explaining how things work in Urbanville!

To get the main idea of part of Urbanville,looking around and exploring Urbaniacs helps, but can also use site to!

Kingz's Newbie Aid, is run by Jay_Rawker and UltraUrb.

A Few Tips!
- Do not ask other Urbs for gear!
Many Urbs get annoyed with this, its ok to ask me, but don't ask any others...

- Do not Beg!
Begging will get you dissed. Disses are bad, they are the opposite of props. By having loads of props it shows you are respected on Urbaniacs. Disses takes props off, so go and prop as many Urbs as possible!

- Don't Ask For More!
If I, or another player, gives you something, do not ask for more, that will earn you a diss from them or another player... remember you want Props! -

-When you post in forums, make sure you type correctly.
Typing like this:
Ite, ow iz every1 2day
Players hate it, type correctly!

-When you post in the forums, make sure you post in the correct ones!
There is different forums for different dispositions, crews and higher members. So if you not sure if you can post there ask anyone, they will let you know!

Things to do EVERYDAY!
By logging on everyday, you will become stronger and find you will become more well known, able to defeat those Do Gooders and earn alot of respect. But everyday you log on make sure you do these things.
2.Collect your bank interest
3.Get your lottery ticket
Newbies Forum
If you check the forum out, there are many useful and helpful threads in there. Contests are frequently active so keep an eye out!

Remember I have no problem helping you out!