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Junky To Funky

Member of the NRC

Member List:

Dudeman (Founder)

An unaffiliated organization, designed for mayhem, contempt and corruption.
A crew for the more sinister members of UrbanVillain.
A force to be reckoned with.
Currently buying Super training passes at 135,000 urbos for a 5+ and 270,000 urbos for a 10+... Just shoot me a urbogram :)

My greatest achievement: Naming the famous bridge you see at the top of your screen. The "Just B Causeway"

R.I.P. James AKA Maggot, You'll never be forgotten.....


Alpaca Da Rappa: "Bahama Lama", Enjoys long walks on the beach and Coconut Rum.

TwinVisibles: "Jayna" and "Zan" the Wonder Twins- a pair of teenage alien superheroes (somewhat reminiscent of Vulcans from Star Trek) who were sidekicks to the SUPER FRIENDS in the Hanna-Barbera animated television series of the same name.

Shwoulf: "Bonnie" as in Bonnie and Clyde because of her Kleptomaniac tendencies

Robo-Pooch: "Lucky" won on URBO 101.5 Wacky Wednesday on 6 Dec 06.

Imperial Majestic Croaker: Drunken "Kermit" Due to his poisonous intoxicating loogies

Rump Roast: "Wino Swino" because he always carries a brown bag with a bottle of wine inside

Worm: "Tequilla" because he lives at the bottom of a jose cuervo bottle

Moonkey: "Brass" Monkey that Funky monkey. From that Bestie Boys song some of you kats are too young to remember. consists of three parts malt liquor and one part Sunny Delight. Typically Olde English 800 or St. Ides is used, and always in the forty-ounce bottle.

Robo-sidekick: "Keg" about the only thing he's good for is storing beer


I am a proud member of:THE FAMILY (tm)
I rock Urbaniacs from:the #1 USA baby!!!
My music stlye ranges from:Hard rock to Alterative to Rap and R&B.
My Idol is:My Reflection
My favorite sport is:Football (US)
My favorite Ice Cream flavor is::Vanilla
My favorite game is:99 bottles of beer on the wall
My favorite funky power is:Laziness.
My favorite food is:Breakfast.
My favorite action movie is:X-Men.
My Battle Cry is:A beer a day keeps the doctor away!!!
My arch enemy is:Mohit or (Less hit)
I eat pizza:flat as flat can be.
I love to smell:Uberstank!!!
The best kind of pickle Are:The Green ones


The following will get you a DISS:

Prop begging: Prop me and I will prop you back

Urbo begging: Don't do it. Earn your urbo's the hard way!!!

Spamming the Villains Forum. Especially you Zero's.

Just being stupid. If you have to ask if this means you. Then it does.

Any Diss I recieve will be returned. Even If I deserved it.

Being Stupid. What? I said this already? Wow, must really be important.

Avatar stealing. For goats sake. Use Google images search and find your own.

More will be added as I see fit. Thank you for your cooperation. Urb On!!!!!