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Junky To Funky


I am kind of back.

Stay funky!

A Cure For Living

Real life is not like a film so try not to get too excited about anything
Because in the end you'll only be disappointed
Aim low, keep your head down and people will admire you
Avoid making enemies because you never know when you might need that person's help and you can never have too many friends
Wear clothes that help you to blend in and don't mark you out as being different

It's best not to mention what you're really thinking as this could leave you vulnerable to attacks
Rather than state your own opinion why not just repeat something that you read in a magazine
You may cry from time to time and not know why - again, mention this to noone
Whenever you feel down just go out with some friends for a drink or maybe just have an affair with a member of the opposite sex

A Bit About Mucky

This unspecified period of time I have been mostly listening to : This Town Needs Guns

I'll always return props, from old friends and new.
I'm always happy to receive battle invites, and if you invite me, I'll try to remember to invite you.

Urbaniac of The Day: June 20th 2007, June 17th 2012.
Won Iso's sidekick challenge: July 07
Won Lottery: March 8th 08, December 10th 08, November 10th 09, November 20th '11, June 17th '12

Wall Of Heroes
2nd for Defense: June 07
5th for Mojo: Sep 07
2nd for Super Power: Sep 07
5th for Might: Oct 07
4th for Health: Jan 08
4th for Mojo: Dec 09
3rd for Health: Dec 09

Biggest Super Power Hit : 658
Killed a henchie with one hit : 29 days
Killed a char with one hit : 248 days
Killed a sludge with one hit : 338 days
Killed Sam Loyal with one hit: 1012 days
First + 100 hit: 51 days

Reached 100: 8 days
Reached 500: 29 days
Reached 1000: 35 days
Reached 5000: 61 days (Thank you DarkAng3L)
Reached 10000: 94 days (Thank you Ogre)
Reached 50000: 1671 days (Thank you Camden)
First diss: 32 days

The Sidekicks

Jawbreaker -- Game Buddy -- Best hit = 226
First one hit henchling - 407 days
Gnasher -- Beat Bot -- Best hit = 8
Dave -- Nadia -- Best hit = 49