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Junky To Funky

Yo Homeys!

Welcome to Mr_Funky's Crib!

Im Mr_Funky, you can call me Mr M, Funky or what every you can think of! Around here it is FUNKY 24/7!
So, bring your hip-hopping moves, groove and a FUNNKY SPIRIT down and enjoy the party!

Take a seat and chill,


My Lair!
Page 2 - Thanks to some Urbs!
Page 3 - My Story
Page 4 - Props! ^_^


I currently have around 900,000 urbos. Im looking for stronger parts or Funky looking items!


Thanks UltraUrb For the few items you gave me ^_^

Thanks rockin_gabriel for the Props! ^_^

Thank AwDad1 for making me feel welcome ^_^

Thankyou Dark_Oracle for your feedback ^_^

Armand_Hammer for showing me them lyrical raps! ^_^

Thanks to TheThing for being a good homey, and finally something to battle against in the Rap Battle '11 ^_^

Mr_Funky's Story

One day I was walking down the road,
And saw something strange that glowed,
As I picked it up there was a shine of light,
Out cold i was, unconscious all day and night.

Next thing I knew, I had changed,
An afro on my head... i felt deranged,
But within an hour i was full of funk,
And i was trying to find out what happened to this hunk!

I walked into this local bar,
So many friendly character's - even one had a star,
Her name was Love_Child, she took me to DaMan,
I was confused... what is happening i nearly ran!

I got to an office, 'Mayor of Urbanville it said',
Urbanville, where's that, this place is hurting my head,
He spoke, "Welcome to Urbanville,
Please relax, take a seat and chill"

This 'mayor' explained to me where i was,
What had happened and why i was chose because,
I was a guy filled with love, spirit and a heart,
Needed to protect the evils ones.. who aren't so smart!

I was chosen to protect this world out of everyone,
So the legend Mr_Funky had begun,
A full fledged Hero i would be,
Fighting against evil, you will see!


Special thanks to these urbs for propping me :)

1st Prop - Rockin_Gaberial
100th Prop - UltraUrb
250th Prop - AwDad1
500th Prop - Dark_Oracle
750th Prop - t_squared
1,000th Prop - Rockin_Gaberial
1,500th prop - UltraUrb
2,000th prop - Jay_Rawker
3,000th prop - Zidane_66
4,000th prop-
5,000th prop BIG DOG! -
7,500th prop -