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Junky To Funky

Da Funky Blues

Mr.A's new theme song, written by a covert villain, inspired by Captain Planet! hehe...

MrAnderson, he's a hero
He's gonna take goatfist down to zero,
When there's henchlings lurking by,
He'll give them wedgies and make them fly;
He's our mojo intensified;
And he's battling on the hero's side
He's a super hero,
You could be one to,
Cus beating down the villains is the thing to do!
Chaos and mayhem is not the way,
Why not be a hero, n have a funk-a-delic day.

Da Whole Funk

Finally! An anonymous way to state your age!!!

Nuttin but da Funk

The saga of Charsky and Hench

Gather round mah young cadets, and soon you all shall hear the sad story of two cops gone bad, from whose fate ya betta stay clear!

They started off as good guys, like crime fighters always do, but they listened to the dark side and to it's evil mojo brew.

Hench got hooked on burritos, and for Charsky it was the fiyah... but the Goat's sweet words to tempt them were just coming from a liyah!

They thought they'd gain more powah, but what they didn't know was that Hench's soul would turn all black, and Charsky would start to glow.

Now since they've promised allegiance that goes only to a Goat, everyday we've gotta smack 'em down and try hard not to gloat.

If ya wanna know the moral of a story that's clear to me, don't go listenin' to goaty voices from a guy with furry knees.



Funkytown USA:Run by YodaMayor
Kept clean and funky:With the help of yer everyday friendly neighborhood super heroes!
Mah RHW?:Afro_Chic
Secret weapon?:SURFEY!!!
My inner demon?:Mucus Man
Favorite irritated yell?:SPAM ON A BISCUIT!
Favorite battle cry?:HUUYAH HUSTLE!!!
I rock Urbaniacs from:Well, I've been everywhere, man!
Real life heroes never forgotten, never replaced:Maggot (the best archenemy and online buddy a guy ever had) Elite_Dude (gave the ulitmate sacrifice for our country)